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Shooting is not just about shooting an animal. Shooting is about being in the wild - for hours or days on end if need be. Shooting is about trusting your instinct and your gear enough for you to enter an almost trancelike state, become one with nature and realize that nothing else really matters. Härkila, does just that. They provide help to provide best experience with nature, no matter what the conditions might be.

As Härkila has a great understanding of the outdoors they know the true value of trustworthy gear. That is why we love the Härkila product and support and sell the best best products to provide you with state of the art equipment, where you need it the most - in the wild.

And when you're out there, you can be sure that Härkila are worthy of your trust, because we use all the Härkila products ourselves. We combine our passion for nature and our knowledge of hunting with Härkila's innovative hi-tech solutions to provide you with what we believe is the sturdiest, most comfortable, weatherproof and versatile shooting equipment in the world.