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John M Browning Collection Specialist Dealers

Braces are Browning Premium Dealers which makes us one of only a select number of dealers in the UK that can order and supply the legendary B25 and B15 Range of Custom Browning Shotguns and the CCS25 Rifle range. Keep scrolling to find out more about all three.




The B25

The B25 is a superlative superposed shotgun. It represents everything Browning know about making guns. 

"Engraving, wood selection and finish are important, but precision is the true measure of a handmade shotgun. And tolerance is how we measure precision. The more minimal the tolerance, the better the fit between the barrels and the mechanism, and between the iron and the wood. Our gunsmiths ensure that each adjustment is as accurate and smooth as possible,* which can never be the case with industrially produced versions, where the tolerances must be greater to compensate for the imperfections present in machine-made construction. And as you can see, the heart of the B25 is the mechanism itself, John M Browning’s masterpiece. The result is a refined and beautifully balanced, fully bespoke shotgun."


The B25 is available in a number of engraving and wood grades with completely bespoke engraving and gun measurements also an option.

please click here to view the full JMB Custom Browning Catalogue.


Braces have a number of B25 models on order and in stock at any one time please contact us for details of what is on its way or to discuss your own custom B25.


The B15


Unveiled in 2015, the B15 is the latest addition to the John M Browning Collection. This is the shotgun that Browning aficionados have been waiting for. Ninety years, in fact, from the B25’s groundbreaking debut.

Like its eminent forerunner, the B15 has been developed and perfected by the world-renowned gunsmiths of the Fabrique Nationale de Herstal.
  That means you can expect balance and reliability. You can also expect precision engineering and the finest of aesthetic finishes. The B15 is available in 4 grades with a choice of exceptional engravings and wood quality. Butt plates and fore-end style are also included.
  And at its heart is the B25’s famous locking system, which speaks volumes to those who truly know their shotguns.


The B15 is available in 12gauge and 20gauge. 

please click here to view the full JMB Custom Browning Catalogue.


The Browning CCS25 Double Rifle


Available in both side-plate and box-lock versions, and in different calibres, the CCS high-precision double rifle is the hunter’s firearm par excellence.

It’s a handsome beast that’s ideal for running game.
The barrel convergence system is the best there is, made from steel and welded with brass. This allows a different point of aim for both shots to fall together, whether you’re shooting with a scope or open sight. The overall build quality is solid, ensuring a lifetime of faithful service.
Surgical accuracy in the fitting gives the moving parts a remarkable fluidity during the different mechanical phases. For example, the single-stage trigger cocks the hammer for the second barrel with the recoil of the first shot.
But perhaps the most remarkable thing about the CCS rifle is its striking similarity to the legendary B25. In fact, the barrels are designed to be interchangeable, so the finest hunting rifle can become a superb shotgun and vice versa. This is elegance, born of purpose.
The CCS double Rifle is available in 4 grades, characterised by the quality of the engraving, choice of wood and level of finish. 
Calibre specifications include 270 W-30.06-30, Blaser-7x65R-8x57JRS-9, 3x74R and 375HH.
Featured here is a small selection of what is available but we will be delighted to accept the challenge of realising your individual requirements.

please click here to view the full JMB Custom Browning Catalogue.